...and welcome to my site. My name is Shahmir Javaid (Duh) and I am a graduate of University of Buckingham, I have learnt to replace my main diet with bits of 1 and 0's. I love coding and scripting. There is nothing more satisfying than scripting a process that you know you could have achieved manually in the same time. I love cycling when the weather is good and currently I live and work in Cambridge.

You will mostly see me traveling in a BF3 hardcore EU servers with a clan tag of [LOVE], and my awesome userid of Ang3lK1ng47. You will also see me on CS:S, although my skills arent as good as they use to be.

This site is designed as an experiment for me to have a play ground. It is completely responsive(Try Resizing the window or view it on a mobile device). You can find my Social Cred on Google Profiles, or my no-nonsense(Yea right!) Tweetering. Adding me on Facebook may not be the smartest idea as i have the tendancy to come up with ironic comments.

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